how to move a mobile home for free

Moving a mobile home, especially for free, can be a challenging endeavor due to the costs associated with transportation, permits, and site preparation. However, with careful planning and resourcefulness, it is possible to minimize or even eliminate these costs. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to move a mobile home for free

Understanding the Challenge

First, it’s important to recognize that moving a mobile home involves several key steps: obtaining the necessary permits, preparing the home for transport, hiring a moving company or securing a vehicle for transportation, and setting up the home at its new location. Each of these steps typically incurs costs.

1. Research and Planning

a. Legal Requirements 

Research the legal requirements for moving a mobile home in your area. This includes understanding zoning laws, transportation permits, and any restrictions specific to mobile homes.

b. Destination Preparation 

Ensure the new location is ready for the mobile home. This involves checking zoning laws, preparing the land, and ensuring utility connections are available.

2. Cutting Costs

a. Permits: While it’s not possible to avoid permit fees, being well-informed can prevent costly mistakes or delays. Check with local authorities about the cost and process for obtaining the necessary permits.

b. DIY Preparation: Preparing the mobile home for transport usually involves securing all movable objects, protecting windows, and possibly removing some external features. Doing this work yourself can save on labor costs.

c. Transportation: The transportation of the mobile home is usually the most expensive part. Consider these options:

Bartering: If you have a skill or service, you might barter with a transportation company.

Volunteer Drivers: If you have access to a suitable vehicle, you might find volunteer drivers through your network.

Off-Peak Timing: Some companies might offer discounted rates during their off-peak seasons.

3. Seeking Financial Assistance

a. Government Programs: Some areas have government programs that assist with the costs of moving a mobile home, particularly for low-income families.

b. Non-Profit Organizations: Charities or non-profit organizations might offer assistance, especially in cases of emergency relocation.

c. Online Fundraising: Platforms like GoFundMe allow you to raise funds for significant life events, including moving a mobile home.

4. Minimizing Setup Costs

a. DIY Setup: Like preparation, setting up the mobile home at its new location can incur labor costs. Doing as much as you can yourself will save money.

b. Community Help: Sometimes, local communities offer help in setting up homes, especially in communal living areas.

c. Recycled Materials: For any repairs or additions, consider using recycled materials, which can be much cheaper.

5. Additional Tips

a. Plan Well in Advance: The more time you have to plan, the more options you’ll have to reduce costs.

b. Network: Reach out to friends, family, and community groups who might have resources or advice.

c. Research Transportation Options: Besides professional movers, there might be local trucking schools or organizations that could offer a more affordable solution.

6. The Reality of Free move mobile home

While the idea of moving a mobile home for free is appealing, it’s important to manage expectations. Even with all the cost-saving strategies, some expenses are unavoidable. The key is to reduce these costs as much as possible.


Moving a mobile home for free is a challenging but not impossible task. It requires thorough research, careful planning, a willingness to do a lot of work yourself, and a bit of creativity in finding resources and assistance. By following these guidelines and being resourceful, you can significantly reduce the costs of moving a mobile home, if not eliminate them entirely. Remember, the key is in the preparation and the willingness to seek out and utilize every available resource.

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