How to search mobile home parks near me on Internet?

Hello, I am searching a mobile home parks near me. Can anyone tell me how to find mobile home parks near me on the internet? If you are also one of them to search for the answer to this question then you come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide we will tell you how to search mobile home parks near me using online search engines, apps, local government websites, real estate websites, and social media platforms and through traditional methods. 

Understanding Mobile Home Parks

Before diving into the search process, it’s essential to understand what mobile home parks are. These are planned communities where individuals can either rent a space to place their mobile home or rent a mobile home already situated in the park. These parks offer a sense of community and often include amenities like communal spaces, playgrounds, and sometimes even pools.

How to search mobile home parks with Online Search Engines?

1. Utilize Major Search Engines

Start with a basic online search using popular search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Simply typing “mobile home parks near me” should yield a list of nearby locations. These search engines use your IP address to tailor the search results to your area.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps is particularly useful for this search. By typing “mobile home parks near me” in the search bar, you’ll not only get a list of parks but also their exact locations on the map, directions, and often user reviews.

How to use Specialized Websites and Apps for searching home mobile parks near me? 

3. Mobile Home Park Specific Websites

There are websites dedicated to listing mobile home parks, such as or These sites offer detailed information about the parks, including amenities, lot rent, and sometimes reviews from residents.

4. Real Estate Websites

Websites like Zillow, Trulia, and often list mobile home parks or mobile homes for sale or rent. You can use their search filters to find options specifically in mobile home parks.

5. Local Government Websites

Some local government websites provide information about licensed mobile home parks in the area. This information is typically in the housing or planning sections of the website.

6. Mobile Home Park Finder Apps

There are apps available for smartphones that are specifically designed to help you find mobile home parks. These apps often have additional features like filters for specific amenities, price ranges, and community types.

Social Media and Online Forums are best for searching home mobile parks.

7. Social Media Groups

Platforms like Facebook have groups and pages dedicated to mobile home living. Joining these groups can provide valuable information and personal recommendations.

8. Online Forums

Websites like Reddit or City-Data have forums where you can ask for suggestions and read about others’ experiences with local mobile home parks.

Use Traditional Methods to search mobile home parks near me.

9. Local Newspapers and Magazines

Don’t underestimate traditional media. Local newspapers and housing magazines often have listings for mobile home parks.

10. Drive Around

Sometimes, the best way to find a mobile home park is to drive around the area where you wish to live. This can also give you a good sense of the community and the condition of the park.

Evaluating Mobile Home Parks.

Once you have a list of potential parks, it’s important to evaluate them based on several factors:

1. Location

Consider the park’s proximity to your work, schools, shopping centers, and medical facilities.

2. Amenities

What amenities does the park offer? These can range from basic (like laundry facilities) to more luxurious (like swimming pools and community centers).

3. Community

Try to get a sense of the community. Are there community events? Is it family-friendly? The social aspect is a significant part of living in a mobile home park.

4. Reviews and Reputation

Read online reviews and talk to current or former residents if possible. They can provide insights that you won’t find in a brochure.

5. Safety and Maintenance

Check the park’s safety records and how well the common areas are maintained. This can be indicative of the park management’s dedication to residents’ well-being.

6. Rules and Regulations

Each park has its own set of rules. Make sure these align with your lifestyle. For example, some parks have age restrictions or pet policies.

7. Cost

Consider the cost of living in the park, including lot rent, utilities, and any additional fees.


Finding the right mobile home parks near me involves a combination of online research, traditional methods, and on-the-ground investigation. Utilize various resources like search engines, specialized websites, social media, and even local newspapers. Once you’ve identified potential parks, evaluate them based on factors like location, amenities, community vibe, reviews, safety, rules, and cost. Remember, choosing a mobile home park is not just about finding a place to live; it’s about finding a community that fits your lifestyle and needs.

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Last Update: 20 March 2024